Help us Hold Big Tobacco Accountable

In a huge win for heart health last fall, more than 220,000 retailers across the U.S. who sell tobacco products were required to begin displaying signs featuring corrective statements about the negative health effects and addictiveness of smoking.

hero_image_alt_text===Corrective Statements
thumbnail_alt_text===Corrective Statements

A federal court ordered Big Tobacco to display these signs and tell the truth about smoking and secondhand smoke, empowering consumers to make informed choices about their health.

Tobacco retailers are required to display signs like this one near cigarette displays or by the checkout counter: 

Unfortunately, independent auditors have found many retailers are not complying with the federal court order. These signs must be clearly posted and not altered or blocked from view.  

Auditors simply can’t visit every tobacco retailer to ensure compliance, but we can work together to hold Big Tobacco accountable. Will you help us ensure the retailers in your community are following the rules and protecting consumers? 

 Become a champion in your community: 

  1. Look for the signs in your local stores that sell tobacco products—are they displaying corrective statements near the cigarette display or checkout area? Are their signs altered or blocked from view? 
  2. If you come across a store without the required sign, or if the sign has been altered or blocked from view, submit a tip for the auditors!  Online at or text TIP to 877-749-TIPS (8477). 
  3. After successfully conducting a compliance check, complete our online form to let us know about your activity.

Thank you for helping us hold Big Tobacco accountable! Your efforts will help ensure the harmful effects of smoking are visible to the public. 

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