Meet Kathy Godsey

Kathy Godsey lost her husband to a heart attack, and after becoming reclusive and sedentary following that life event, she recognized her need to become more physically and socially active. To meet new friends and exercise, Kathy began to participate in charity walks.  When she discovered the Anchorage Heart Walk, she felt a special connection because of her husband’s illness and the “good work that the American Heart Association does.”



Godsey now walks year round, having participated in close to 70 charity walks, and has organized a group of co-workers to walk together for exercise. She was also awarded the AHA’s Alaska Division Lifestyle Change Award in 2015. Kathy is an amazing advocate who’s willing talk about her life changing experiences, why the Heart Walk is close to her heart, and how participating in the event is helping her to overcome her loss.

Thanks Kathy for your inspiring dedication towards living an active lifestyle and support of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association!

If you would like take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, please visit the Anchorage Heart Walk site here and learn how you can participate with Kathy in support of the AHA's efforts to improve health in Alaska. 

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