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Let's Improve the American Diet


If something could be done to prevent over 10,000 heart attacks and over 3,000 deaths per year, shouldn’t we do it?

Last fall the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took action to save lives and improve the American diet by declaring industrially-produced trans fats – known as partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) – unsafe for use in food. The decision would require food producers to remove PHOs and use healthier ingredients in their products. However, the FDA needs to hear from you to make this decision official.

Tell the FDA to save lives by eliminating trans fats in our food!

Trans fats are known to increase bad cholesterol which heightens your risk for heart disease and stroke. By eliminating trans fats from the American diet, we could prevent 10,000 – 20,000 heart attacks and 3,000 -7,000 deaths due to coronary heart disease every year!

Many foods have harmful trans fats, including fried foods, pastries, pizza dough and even crackers. The food that we eat should be safe and everything should be done to improve the health of Americans. Eliminating PHOs, or industrially-produced trans fats, is one way to accomplish this.  

Show your support for eliminating trans fats by contacting the FDA today! We even have a letter started for you!

Thank you again for all that you do!

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