Advocate Spotlight: Pam Dell - Rallies for Medical Research

I was able to travel to Washington, DC and participate in the Rally for Medical Research, September 13-14th 2023. Sharing my medical story with the state of Idaho Congressional members and engaging in shared interest and support of our country's medical research trajectory touched me deeply. The medical community’s message encouraged an increase of appropriations for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) FY24.   

Our nation has been a leader in medical research throughout history.  As a former patient at the NIH (2000-2003) with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, I am an Idahoan who was given the "gift of life" at NIH and continues to work tirelessly advocating for medical research. I am in relentless hopes of research efforts not losing momentum at this current time. My brother and mother have lost their battle with our family's genetic heart disease. Multiple biomedical areas of research are nearing the breakthroughs needed for treatment improvements, diagnosis and possible cures. 

My experience with medical researchers across our country and multiple patient survivors and organization advocates gave me new strength and spirit to my fight to help and learn ways to encourage others from those with the passion for healing and health.

I must add, I was able to visit the pandas at the National Zoo who are leaving our nation and returning to China at the end of this month.

My Heart is filled!


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