A Big Year for Virginia's Health

This year’s marathon General Assembly session proved to be a good thing for heart and brain health. Three bills signed into law will help build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke in Virginia.

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Virginia advocates were busy this year! Thanks to the over 4,000 offline actions, the health of Virginians will be greatly impacted by the 3 laws passed this General Assembly session. Advocates from across the state wrote Opinion Editorials, testified at legislative committees, sent endless emails and calls, and met with their legislators. The impact of these policies will be felt far and wide and wouldn’t be possible without your advocacy. Thank you!

Richmond Board Member Pat Lane, Advocate Jodi Lemacks, and Government Relations Director Melissa Peeler at the Medicaid Expansion bill signing. \Richmond Board Member Pat Lane, Advocate Jodi Lemacks, and Government Relations Director Melissa Peeler at the Medicaid Expansion bill signing.


The Virginia legislature voted to expand access to quality healthcare for the nearly 400,000 Virginians who live without access to affordable healthcare coverage. On Thursday, June 7, Governor Ralph Northam signed the bill into law.

This coverage is critical for all Virginians, especially those with cardiovascular diseases. Expanding access to healthcare via Medicaid Expansion will allow many more Virginians with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease to access the care they need. Lawmakers voted to ensure all Virginians have access to quality healthcare. Thank the Governor and your legislators for expanding healthcare access today!

Additionally, two bills to improve stroke patient care passed the Virginia General Assembly with unanimous support and were signed into law by Governor Northam on Wednesday, February 28.

Senator McPike, Senator Dunnavant, Delegate Garrett, and Delegate O’Quinn were strong champions for the legislation that ensures Virginia stroke patients receive care quickly. The bills allow Virginia to better collect and analyze stroke data to improve stroke outcomes. They also ensure Emergency Medical Services transports stroke patients quickly and to the appropriate hospital.

Thank you again to all the advocates who worked to pass these important policies in Virginia.

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