Yvonne Heredia, Rhode Island


On May 14, 2015, I was awakened with sudden chest heaviness and difficulty breathing. I took an aspirin and then woke up my 16-year-old daughter to go outside my home with me so that I could get fresh air.While I was outside; I said a quick prayer and realized that something just was not right. I decided to call 911 and when I did, I strongly encouraged the 911 operator to hurry with rescue. I stated that I did not think I would make it if they did not hurry fast. Soon after, the rescue arrived to transport me to the hospital. When I arrived at RI hospital I was immediately rushed into the trauma room and the first evaluation that was performed was an EKG. I was then told that I was having a massive heart attack.

My heart rate began dropping fast. I noticed the trauma team preparing to shock me. My heart rate started to increase. I then was sent to the catherization lab to be stented, and then moved to the cardiac critical care unit. Once I was stabilized, the cardiologist came in to discuss my care. The cardiologist first indicated that I was very lucky to be alive because the type of heart attack that I suffered was the Left Anterior Descending with 99% blockage.

I am a registered nurse having full understanding of the magnitude of the information regarding a heart attack. My experience has prompted me to be a voice for women about the importance of recognizing subtle signs of a heart attack. The signs and symptoms that I experienced is proof of how women exhibit symptoms differently.


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