Yuki Courtland - PE Advocate in NYC!


Yuki Courtland is an advocate. She sees something wrong in her world and pushes to make the necessary change to help.  As the chair of our Advocacy Committee in New York City, she has been leading the way to help make sure every student, regardless of where they go to school, learn how to embrace physical activity.  Thanks to her efforts, NYC schools are on their way to making significant improvements. 

Recent successes include the passage of the new PE Reporting Law which will serve to create more transparency around our schools' PE programs beginning in August when the first report card is issued.  Additionally, thanks to Yuki's work with the Advocacy Committee, Mayor de Blasio is now pledging to dedicate significant dollars in the FY 17 budget. 

Her work isn't over yet.  But we are lucky to have her tireless commitment to help make NYC a healthier place to live!

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