You Can Help Arkansans Get Tobacco Free!

Good news!  House Bill 1555 was passed by the Arkansas House of Representatives!  HB 1555 will provide more smoking cessation choices that are currently not covered under Medicaid, like nasal sprays, inhalers, and lozenges. All with the goal in mind of helping people find the right option to help them quit smoking.  When it comes to quitting, everyone is different. Giving them options can be the key to success.  

But our job is not done yet .... 

hero_image_alt_text===Advocates at the Capitol
thumbnail_alt_text===Advocates at the Capitol

We need YOUR help!  HB 1555 has now moved on to the Senate Health Committee.  Please click here to tell your Senator to support HB1555.

A recent study conducted by the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement found that Arkansas spends $795 million a year in Medicaid costs related to tobacco. The State of Arkansas recently stated that for $1 spent on tobacco cessation the state saves $3.  Providing additional cessation services not only saves lives, but it also saves money.

Tell your lawmaker to support providing more cessation choices for Arkansans!

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