You Are Our Why: Thank You!

You have been our inspiration and motivation in the fight for heart-healthy policy across the SouthWest Affiliate which includes Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. While you may have joined the fight from your iPhone, computer, steps of the Capitol or Heart Walk, we are thankful for each and every one of you!


Many of you fought alongside us by sharing your stories. We can't begin to thank you enough for entrusting your personal story or the story of a loved one to us. While working with you to develop your story, we oftentimes gained a friend and always gained a heart warrior! You are our champions, and across six states we have worked together to build a family of advocates who are passionate about creating heart-healthy communities and saving lives. 

We want to continue to inspire others to share their stories and create change in their community. Will you share your heart or stroke story today? Read more about a few of our rockstar advocates that have shared their stories over the past year: 

Keturah White

Image of Keturah

Abigail Davis

Image of Abigail

Cheyenne Buyert

Image of Cheyenne

A. Jaye Johnson

Picture of A. Jaye

Amanda Rowell

Photo of Amanda

Lyndsey Albright

Rosalie Tristan

Together, we can save lives and fight to end cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Your AHA Grassroots Team,

Megan Klein, Allison Hogue, Vanessa Fuentes & Heyward Whetsell

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