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You’re the Cure Delaware Advocacy Day Next Week!


Next week some of your fellow You’re The Cure advocates will gather in Dover to advocate on behalf of the American Heart Association. Advocates will meet with legislators and their staffs to urge them to restore funding for the First State in pathways and trails initiative, support our efforts to have all Delaware students learn CPR in high school, and to educate lawmakers about the Million HeartsTM Delaware coalition and the broader national initiative they support. 

For those of you who are attending this year’s event, we know the thought of meeting with a legislator or their staff might give you some anxiety. The important thing to remember is that they are people like every one of us…they are just elected by the people to represent the interests within their legislative districts. Another important thing to remember is not to get upset if you’re not able to meet with the legislator directly.  Again, when legislators find out that a constituent from their district wants to meet with them in Dover, most will make every attempt to meet in person. However, there are many instances where Committee meetings get scheduled at the last minute, Leadership calls them up to Caucus, or they are in Session and they are not at liberty to leave. In those cases, you most likely will meet with their legislative staff. That’s okay! In fact, often times the staff is able to give you more of their time and can get deeper into conversation with you to learn about the root issues. They are in constant communication with their legislator about who was in the office to visit and what issues they brought to their attention. In some cases, staff help decide what bills will get scheduled for Committee meetings or are put on the House or Senate voting schedule. So, it’s important not to underestimate the power of legislative staff.

It is because of advocates like yourself that we are able to have these successful events every year. Even if you are not attending this year’s event, you can still support those that are attending and their efforts. Please take the time to visit our action center and send your legislator an email letting them know that these issues are important to you too.

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