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You Can Detect a Stroke


I grew up worshipping Nancy Drew. Now, my daughter loves her as well.  My daughter has a notebook that she fills with mysteries that she is trying to solve—it is really cool.

Everyone knows that Nancy Drew is someone you want to have around in a pinch (or if you are held hostage by evil inn owners).  However, you don’t need to be Nancy Drew to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke. You just have to remember F.A.S.T.  Fast stands for:

Face (does one side of their face droop?)

Arms (does one arm drift downward when you ask them to raise their arms?)

Speech (does his or her speech seem slurred or strange?)

Time (time to call 9-1-1!)

If you think someone is having a stroke, look for the clues and act FAST!  The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association have worked tirelessly to make sure there are protocols and policies in place to assist stroke patients and make sure the entire system of care is structured for the best possible outcome. However, it is up to you and me to make sure someone having a stroke gets high quality care as soon as possible.

Remember F.A.S.T. and as always, if you want to be more involved in our advocacy efforts, please just shoot me an email to [email protected]. Bess, George and I need your help.

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