You Are What You Eat


In recent years, research has shown that there is a lot of truth to the old saying “you are what you eat”. Unfortunately, too many Americans are still eating foods that are high in saturated and Trans fat, cholesterol, added sugars and salt. Research has also shown that Americans are eating more food away from home where potion sizes are larger and calorie content is higher. All of these factors put us at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. We need you to educate your lawmakers about the importance of a heart-healthy diet, and increasing access to nutritional foods.

Click here to educate your legislators on this important issue.

For many Americans struggling to make ends meet, affordable and healthy foods are out of their reach. The AHA supports policy and regulatory efforts at the federal, state, and local levels to promote greater awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and to provide all Americans with greater access to nutritious foods. Some of these policy recommendations include:

• Work to eliminate food deserts and improve access and affordability of healthy foods.
• Strengthen nutrition standards in schools for meals and competitive foods and in all nutrition assistance or feeding programs.
• Work for strong nutrition programs in agriculture legislation.

Diet can be a powerful weapon in the war against CVD, and even a pattern of small changes can bring big health rewards. Please click the link above and ask your legislators to join you in building a healthier New Mexico free of heart disease and stroke.

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