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You are not alone. Join the online support network


After a heart attack or stroke, following your doctor’s orders is important to your physical recovery. But it’s natural for you to feel depressed and overwhelmed, so taking care of your emotional recovery is also necessary. The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association offers a Support Network to help both survivors and caregivers. The goal of the network is to connect people living with heart disease and stroke with others who are going through similar journeys.

And it’s not just the person who had the heart attack or stroke who is impacted by this life-changing event. Family members and other caregivers also need to have strong support systems and take care of themselves to better care for their loved one.

The Support Network is a place to ask questions, find helpful information and tips and share concerns or fears. You can also find encouragement and inspiration or offer your own words of wisdom and reassurance to others. If you or someone you care for have experienced a stroke, heart attack or are living with a heart condition, expand your Support Network today.

Visit our online Support Network and meet others like you, share your experiences and find and give support. Our digital community is free and safe.

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