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Yoda for Yoga

New Year’s Resolution:  Take care of me.


My New Year’s resolution this year sounds simple.  Take care of myself.  However, this is not always an easy task.  I am fortunate to work for an employer who values health, both mental and physical.  We have the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s off from work. I was able to spend time with my family, rest a bit, binge watch The Man in the High Castle and exercise almost every day.  It was wonderful.

Of course, now that the legislature is back in session and I have 3 (!) public hearings scheduled for next week, it is hard to hold on to the time for myself.  I have testimony to write and seemingly endless meetings.  It will take more than simple will to make sure I am rested, eating well and exercising.  It will take diligence. 

When my alarm went off at 5:45 this morning so that I could haul myself out of the house into the dark cold to go to yoga, it was easy to hit snooze.  However, I didn’t (ok, I did once, but then got right up).  I had Yoda running through my head in a continuous loop:  "Do or do not.  There is no try."

So, this morning it was Yoda for Yoga.  Tomorrow I will have to find another mantra.  Do any of you have one I can use?  If so, let me know! 

[email protected].  I will need all the help I can get.


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