YES on I-185 for Montana's Vital Health Services

You have probably seen a lot of coverage in the last few weeks about ballot initiative I-185.  The American Heart Association is a proud member of the coalition working on this initiative and we hope we can count on your support with a YES vote.

hero_image_alt_text===People standing with yes on I-185 signs
thumbnail_alt_text===People standing with yes on I-185 signs

The AHA supports I-185 because it will raise much needed revenue allowing the state to restore funding for vital social services for some of the most vulnerable in our communities. This measure would help restore funding for tobacco prevention programs, health services for seniors and people with disabilities; improve services for our veterans including suicide prevention and help nearly 100,000 Montanans keep their access to medical care by raising the tobacco tax.

The tobacco tax has not been raised in over 13 years and research has proven that raising the tax will reduce smoking in Montana. Right now, every family in Montana pays $789 a year whether they smoke or not to cover smoking related health costs. 

The first step in this campaign is to gather enough signatures to qualify for the November 6th ballot. Signature gathering started April 19th when our campaign officially kicked off and we have until June 22nd to gather 25,468 verified signatures from around the state.  If you would like to help with the campaign email me, Grace Henscheid. Thank you and we hope we can count on your YES vote in November!

For campaign updates you can also follow our coalition Facebook page.

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