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Yes on 56 Campaign Update and Next Steps

Smoking is a costly and deadly habit, and the number one cause of preventable death in California – killing 40,000 Californians annually. California taxpayers pay $3.5 billion dollars annually on treating tobacco-related diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer and tobacco-related chronic conditions.


In addition to the fiscal toll, nearly 17,000 California kids get hooked on smoking every year and one-third of them will eventually die from tobacco-related illnesses. We have an opportunity to reduce the death and disability caused by tobacco addiction this November...your voice matters…make it heard…. vote YES on 56! 

We know that higher tobacco taxes reduce teen smoking and will help current smokers quit. You’ll recall reading stories like the one about Cindy in Nevada, yet California has not raised its tobacco tax in over 25 years. Thankfully, Prop 56 can help prevent a new generation of kids from taking up a deadly and addictive habit, help offset the tremendous financial toll tobacco use places on our state, and will help fund research to discover new treatments to reduce the cost of treating tobacco-related illnesses.  

Simply put, Prop 56 will save lives!

While we know an overwhelming majority Californian’s support this initiative, we need your support to pass Prop 56.  Back in 2012, we lost a similar campaign by less than 1 percent and we don’t want history to repeat itself. 

Want to get in the game? Here’s a few easy ways you can make a difference:

  1. Sign up on the coalition website so that you will receive the latest campaign updates.
  2. Volunteer! We have a plethora of volunteer opportunities including reaching out directly to California voters by phone banking, recruiting your friends to join the campaign, attending events, and many other opportunities. To find out what volunteer opportunity works best you, contact me at [email protected].
  3. If you are active on Social Media, please visit your local AHA Division accounts regularly to find messages to share with your friends and followers (and ask them to share the messaging with their fans). There are 17 statewide ballot initiatives that will be voted on in November and we really need your support to spread the word to your social network. You will also find messaging on the Yes on 56 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  4. Share your story along with a photo and a brief reason by you support Yes on 56 so that we can share your story to motivate other advocates across the state.
  5. Take posters and other campaign materials to locations such as your doctor’s office, hairdresser, etc. Materials are available online at here.
  6. Most importantly, if you haven’t yet, register to vote and find your local polling location so that you are ready to vote with your Heart on November 8th

If you would like to get involved in other ways or have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].

With your continued support, 2016 is truly going to be a year for the history books! 

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