Special Session Proves Useful

It won’t be long until Wyoming begins its 2022 legislative session, and government relations director, Richard Garrett, looks forward to working with you to help improve the health of all Wyomingites.


The 2022 session won’t begin until Feb. 14, but last month, the Wyoming legislature called a special session. Although 20 measures were introduced, only one was passed as the session ran four days longer than many anticipated. Numerous folks might have been left wondering what just happened and why following that whirlwind session.

The special session provided a unique opportunity for Richard to meet individually with many legislators. He was able to share the results of a survey of Wyoming’s voters that shows their robust support for making sure health care coverage is available to all through Medicaid Expansion. There are thousands of our working neighbors who need and deserve better health care coverage. Having the chance to share the support for better coverage was essential.

There’s still a lot of work to do on this, and soon, we’ll need your support. It will be vital to let Wyoming’s elected officials know how much support there is for health care and Medicaid Expansion.

While not a lot was accomplished by the legislature, Richard’s time at the Capitol proved useful and productive, making it a special session indeed.

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