Wyoming Meet & Greets Successful

Wyoming Grassroots Manager Chris Turner spent three whirlwind days in beautiful Wyoming, driving across a nice swath of the state last week to meet advocates.


Thanks to all the advocates who came out to meet Chris during their first trip to Wyoming. It was an opportunity to learn about what’s been happening since the 2022 legislative session ended and what’s next on the agenda. Additionally, Chris was able to meet folks from other organizations who are working with us on Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming.

This trip was a chance for advocates to get a behind-the-scenes look at our advocacy efforts and ways to become a stronger advocate for healthier, longer lives.

Here are some of the things happening in Wyoming right now:

The joint interim Labor, Health and Human Services committee instructed the legislative service office to draft a bill in support of extending postpartum coverage for mothers who have Medicaid to 12 months from 60 days. The committee will take additional comments regarding an extension at its next meeting scheduled for Aug. 11-12 in Casper.

We’ll once again be active in supporting Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming. Often, people fall into an earning/employer health care coverage gap that leaves them unable to afford health care coverage and outside of eligibility for an employer-funded benefit. Medicaid Expansion would address that.

Additionally, we’ll also continue support for Telecommunicator CPR (TCPR) and also a potential tobacco tax that could lower tobacco usage rates.

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