Committee Considers Postpartum Extension

With just a couple of weeks remaining in the 2023 Wyoming legislative session, one of our initiatives is still making its way through the process.


House Bill 4 (12-month Postpartum Extension) will be heard today in the Senate Labor, Health & Social Services committee. The bill was approved by the House floor and moved to the senate. This bill would extend postpartum care for individuals covered by Medicaid from 60 days to a full year.

Growing evidence suggests pregnancy complications are a marker of future health risk, particularly heart disease and stroke, which develops earlier and at higher rates among communities of color.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, about one in five new moms lose health insurance completely three months after birth. Postpartum care is recommended for one year after the birth of a child. Wyoming moms are being left behind without postpartum coverage extension.

Let's make sure our new Wyoming Moms can access the health care they need. You can let your lawmaker know you support HB4 by clicking here.

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