TCPR Clears Joint Committee

Every day people call 9-1-1 because someone may be having a cardiac emergency. Annually, Wyoming EMS responds to approximately 1,100 cardiac arrest emergencies. We know a way to help and have been working with lawmakers to advance a policy that would make sure emergency dispatchers are able to coach a caller through life-saving CPR until emergency responders arrive. This is called telecommunicator-CPR or T-CPR.


We are making progress, too. Recently the legislature’s joint interim Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs committee overwhelmingly approved sponsoring T-CPR legislation in next year’s legislative session. Now we must get to work, and we are going to need your help.

How important is T-CPR, you may ask? Take a moment today to watch Cameron’s story here.

We don’t know about you, but watching that story brings tears to our eyes. You may be wondering how you can help. In the weeks ahead, we will be asking you to contact your lawmakers, but right now, we are looking for more stories about your experience with emergency dispatch, cardiac arrest, or what T-CPR would mean to you. Email Chris Turner, at [email protected] with your story today.

We are so thankful Cameron’s story has a happy ending, and in Wyoming we want to see more happy endings. To do that, we will need your help, and we hope we can count on you.

Thanks for being part of the relentless force for building, longer lives and happy endings!

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