Advocating for Heart in Wyoming

The American Heart Association’s Approach to Advocacy

We advocate for federal, state and local policies that help to build healthier lives and communities, focusing on legislative and regulatory priorities that help to prevent heart disease and stroke risk factors and protect survivors across the state. 

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Advocacy Saves Lives

Two Powell High Schools student on vacation in the Caribbean were recognized as Wyoming Bystander of the Year by the Department of Health’s EMS division. Josie Darra and Aspen Aguirre heard the screams of a fellow vacationer pleading for help. Josie and Aspen looked over their shoulder and saw a man carrying a lifeless woman out of the water. The girls realizing the women was not breathing jumped into action. Josie started performing CPR and Aspen found an AED and started shocking the woman’s heart back into rhythm. EMS arrived a short-time later and took the woman to the hospital.

Josie had learned Hands-only CPR just a few weeks earlier in her health class taught by Kandi Bennett. Aspen, who is a lifeguard, also knew the lifesaving skills from her certification training. Josie and Aspen are sharing their story and are working with the American Heart Association in Wyoming to help schools incorporate CPR as a graduation requirement.

Historic Advocacy Victories in Wyoming 

2003      Secured a significant increase for tobacco taxes which has helped to reduce smoking rates.
2015      Enacted Stroke and heart attack facility designation to ensure that patients receive the best care as quickly as possible.
2018      Passed legislation ensuring all newborns are tested for Critical Congenital Heart Defects before leaving the hospital.
2019      Defended against the enactment of Medicaid work requirements, which only serve to reduce much needed access to health care for those in need.

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