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TCPR Heads to Committee

Two of our priorities in the 2022 Wyoming Legislative session are taking different paths. Medicaid Expansion did not receive a referral to a committee in the House, while Telecommunicator CPR (TCPR) is set for a committee hearing in the Senate. 


Since it is a budget session, bills unrelated to budget measures required a 2/3 vote of the House, or 40 of 60 members, by Friday, Feb. 18, to be introduced to a committee. House leadership did not bring Medicaid Expansion up for a vote before that time, meaning it wasn't assigned to a committee. This is unfortunate as 66 percent of Wyomingites approve of Medicaid Expansion, which could help up to 24,000 who are uninsured.

Paths remain for its adoption, including as a budget amendment, which only needs a simple majority vote. Stay tuned for how this progresses.

The TCPR bill will be heard by the Senate Transportation Committee. If it passes out of there, it goes to the Senate floor, where it will undergo three readings. If all three readings are successful, it heads to the House. This bill would ensure that all 9-11 dispatchers are able to coach a caller through administering life-saving CPR until emergency responders arrive.

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