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World Hypertension Day Encourages Everyone to Know Your Numbers



In North Dakota, around 25 percent of the community population has hypertension, and about 13 percent of those folks do not know they have hypertention. That's according to Tiffany Knauf, hypertension management coordinator for the North Dakota Department of Health, which is why representatives from the North Dakota Department of Health, North Dakota State University and the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences held a news conference to raise awareness of hypertension and the importance of regular blood pressure screening. 

Hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure, can be found in all age groups and usually has no symptoms.  However, lifestyle choices such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, refraining from smoking and "knowing your number" or checking your blood pressure regularly, can help reduce the risk of hypertension. June Herman, regional vice president for advocacy of the American Heart Association, demonstrated a home blood pressure monitor at the press conference.  Her result was higher than her usual measure, which she explained was likely due to just having given a presentation, and highlighted the importance of checking and then re-checking and to not make assumptions about your numbers.  For more on this story, CLICK HERE. 



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