With Double Up Food Bucks, everyone wins!

The passage of the American Rescue Plan Act gives counties across New York a great opportunity to tackle food and nutrition insecurity throughout their communities. With new revenue coming in, we can use a portion to support a program that provides free fruits and vegetables to the neediest residents.


With Double Up Food Bucks, families in need get a $1 for $1 match when they purchase fruits and vegetables. That's twice as many strawberries from the farmers market or carrots at the corner store. Plus, with more money to spend in local stores, more money will go back into the economy.

Double Up Food Bucks helps families stretch their dollar a little further. That’s important these days, especially in the past year. Double Up Food Bucks helps families and it also helps local farmers and retailers. It simply just makes sense for everyone to support it.

Make sure your county is fully supporting the Double Food Bucks Program today!

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