Wisconsin Finance Committee Makes Budget Decisions

This month the Finance Committee made decisions related to key budget items of importance to the American Heart Association and needed to build a healthier Wisconsin. 

hero_image_alt_text===Wisconsin Capitol Building
thumbnail_alt_text===Wisconsin Capitol Building

Despite our efforts to extend Medicaid postpartum coverage to 12-months the Finance committee did not provide funding for the measure.  We are incredibly disappointed but will continue to work on the policy through standalone bills this fall.  Thank you to all the advocates that used their voices on this issue, and we will keep you updated as we direct our focus on the legislation.  

Some highlights of the campaign include:

  • Since January, we have made 563 contacts into legislative offices.
  • Additionally, we’ve generated 1320 phone calls into key legislative offices.

The Finance committee also acted on other issues we were prioritizing.  Sadly, they did not include an increase for the school breakfast program, or funding for the Child Care Counts program. We do expect that there may be a package of bills, separate from the budget, that will be introduced to help address childcare availability/affordability.  We will be monitoring this closely and alert you when there are opportunities for action.

We know this news is disappointing, but the good news is the legislature is still in session and we still have time to work on these policies.  With your help, we will continue to advocate for these initiatives.


Local news!  Recently a news story ran highlighting the Dane County Double Dollars program which increases the ability for those families participating in SNAP to double their purchasing power at participating area farmers markets.  The program is up and running and will be expanding to at least 2 additional markets.  This couldn’t have happened without the help of dedicated advocates like you.  You are making an impact and helping build a healthier community.  Check out the story here: Double Dollars Program Expands to Two New Farmers Markets | Video | wkow.com

Thank you for being part of the relentless force building a healthier Wisconsin.  If you want to learn more about these policies or how you can make a difference with You’re the Cure, email Betsy Vetter

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