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Will Gov. Scott Sign Stroke Bill into Law?

The 2017 Florida Legislative Session, which ended on May 8, proved to be a success for the American Heart Association. 


Governor Scott signed a larger education bill, HB 7069, into law on June 15. The bill included legislation that permits school boards to open their facilities during non-school hours. Currently, planning is proceeding fast and furious in preparation for the 2018 legislative session.

Now, the American Heart Association waits for Governor Scott to sign House Bill 785, Stroke Facility Designation, into law by midnight on June 29. The bill would create a new tier of Acute Stroke Ready hospitals to assist in ensuring stroke victims get the best possible care in the quickest possible time. Additionally, hospitals in Florida will be required to report their data to the stroke registry.

Thank you to the You’re the Cure advocates who asked their legislators for their support! 

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