Why should I vote this November?

Is it worth dragging yourself to the polls on November 7?  The answer is yes, if you want to save lives.

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I know there may not be a lot on the ballot this November 7th, but, if you are eligible, you should vote. Voting matters. It is how we have some control over what our policymakers prioritize and care about. Now, I know that politics in this country have become a bit of a circus, but skipping elections does not make that better. It makes it worse.

The majority of lawmakers in Augusta have, time and time again, voted to accept the federal funds that were earmarked for Maine to provide health care coverage to 70,000 hardworking, low income Mainers. The Governor and a minority of lawmakers have blocked these efforts thus far costing our state in lives and dollars.

Now, we get to vote. We get to decide. We get to show that we want to help our local auto technicians, hairdressers, waitresses and clerks keep working and stay healthy.

If you are reading this, most likely you or someone you love has or had heart disease, or suffered a stroke. Did they get the care they needed? If they did not have insurance, what did they do? Did they ignore those symptoms until it was too late? Did they suffer medical bankruptcy (the #1 cause of bankruptcy)? Did they skip medications or rehab due to costs?

By voting YES on Question 2 on November 7th, we can tell Augusta that the time to help our hard working families and neighbors is NOW. They can't wait around. People are dying. The money is there to help them. We just need to tell the minority in Augusta to do something.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. On November 7th, I will look for you in the grocery store, at the gas station, at the restaurants with your "I voted today!" stickers. And I will smile. That, my friends, will be good for my heart.

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