Why I Do What I Do

This past Tuesday, May 8th, was our Tobacco 21 Lobby Day, where volunteers came from all across the State to share with their legislators why they support Tobacco 21.

hero_image_alt_text===AHA volunteers learning about Tobacco 21 at Lobby Day.

What sticks out the most in my mind is how impactful it was to hear why our volunteers choose to participate. One common response that I heard, again and again, was that they were here because somehow, either directly or indirectly, their lives were affected by tobacco.

We all know that tobacco is an addiction, but to hear that someone's loved one continues to smoke after having a stroke, reinforces the importance of doing all we can to push back against the tobacco industry. Hearing how many people have had to watch their parents, siblings, and family friends suffer from the ill effects of years and years of tobacco use reminded me once again why the work we do is so important.

Whether we share these stories with our friends, family, or legislators, each time we do, we are inspiring others to get involved. Being an AHA volunteer can be as easy as sending an email to your legislator, or posting on social media. Anything to get the word out about policies like Tobacco 21 (raising the legal sales age of tobacco products to 21) helps us get one step closer to a healthier New York. Please be sure to tell your friends and family about AHA's advocacy platform, You're the Cure and www.yourethecure.org

Thank you for your support!


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