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Why do restaurants make it so difficult?


It's been a long day. You started off before dawn, ran the kids out of the house, dropped them off at school, put in a full day's work, picked the kids up at their after-school program and have just a few precious minutes before getting them settled into bed before the next marathon day. But wait...they're hungry!  You're hungry!  There's no time to pull ingredients together, so grabbing take-out is the only option. Wouldn't it be great to know that the meals you purchase off of the kids' menu are as healthy as possible?  For far too many busy parents in New York, finding fruits or vegetables on the kids' menu is downright impossible. And if you're worried about the other ingredients in the meal, you have to find the time to research on restaurants' websites or ask for their nutrition pamphlet (make sure you bring your magnifying glass!)  You shouldn't have to work so hard!

Both New York City Council and the State Legislature are considering ways to better support parents and encourage restaurants to help make the healthier choices, easier to find. At the recent hearing for the bill in New York City, business advocacy groups claimed that this policy will be a huge burden on restaurants, and we should just allow them to put the menu together however they deem best. But a quick analysis of kids' meals shows an alarming level of sodium, fat, sugar and calories. We shouldn't force parents to choose between hunger and health. 

Do you have a story to tell about this issue? Do you agree that kids' meals should be healthier? If so, comment below and we'll follow up with you!  And watch for action alerts on these bills in the Action Center. We appreciate your help!

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