Why CPR Training Matters to Me


Guest Blogger: Jami Fitzpatrick

June 1st, 2009 my son Cody’s life was saved, after he had stopped breathing, by a bystander that performed CPR.  The bystander learned CPR while she was in high school.  After this event I became a CPR Instructor and passionately shared the knowledge and advocacy of CPR awareness in my local community.  I began teaching CPR at local schools, churches, and daycares to both adults and children.  My son enjoys attending these classes and shares his story, driving home the importance of knowing the lifesaving skills of CPR.

Recently, we were privileged to join our local American Heart Association to be a part of Idaho AHA Lobby Day at the capitol.  My son and I were able to demonstrate the ease of Hands Only CPR to some of our Senators and House of Representatives.  We were also honored to share Cody’s story to show the importance of CPR education and asked our legislators to support the Department of Education Rule 08-02-03-1306 for CPR to be a requirement for high school graduation.  This was an amazing experience for both of us to share.  We had the most incredible time working with all the individuals from the American Heart Association, (especially our local group of ladies!), as well as the wonderful young advocates from high schools across Idaho.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with AHA further to help spread the word on CPR in our community

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