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Why a Sugar Tax Works!


Over the past several decades, the world has become increasingly aware of the role of added sugar, particularly in beverages, as a major factor linked with of increased weight gain, diabetes, and many other health problems as well as dental caries. The World Health Organization, most international cancer societies and the American Heart Association are among the many global organizations that call for major regulatory efforts to reduce consumption of added sugar, particularly from beverages.

Why beverages: we have learned that when we consume a beverage — be it water, tea, coffee or caloric ones such as soft drinks and fruit drinks, we do not reduce our food intake to compensate for this. There is a very large body of literature that has created a consensus that reducing intake of caloric beverages rich in added sugar is critical to help prevent not only obesity but many other diet-related noncommunicable diseases.

In addition, we have learned and created a global consensus that reducing added sugar, even from food, will enhance our health.

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