Who Cares?


You care about the same thing we care about: building healthy bodies free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. You’re the Cure tackles this through policy change, and those who make up the network are its life-blood. We’re only as strong as our advocates’ voices, and when we are successful, the impact of our efforts is great.

So who else do you know who cares?  Members of your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, your Facebook friends, your church, people anywhere who understand why you care, or have reasons of their own to care!  If they might want to make a difference the way you do, tell them about your efforts, and ask them to be part of the game. 

This video helps explain why and how: 

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Want to really ramp it up?  Encourage your peeps to share with their contacts.  Your passion for the mission IS your persuasion, and it’s more powerful than you know.  Tell them in two or three sentences why it’s so important to you, and how they can help just by joining You’re the Cure and using our simple strategies to guide lawmakers in the right direction.  If you want to, you can even record a short video of yourself to share, talking about You’re the Cure and why this work you’re helping with is so important. Make it go viral!

Share our message now, and again once a month, and you’ll grow a whole family of advocates in your own corner of You’re the Cure!  Just click the share button(s) below to take it to Facebook or Twitter, or any of the other social media outlets below.  You’ve shown us you care.  Now help us find who else cares! 

Hey, did you just share?  Because if you did, we’d love to know about it.  Hit us up in the comments below, and thank you for being such an important part of the game. 


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