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White House releases rules to protect public from tobacco

After a two year delay, the White House finally gave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority over all tobacco products, including cigars, hookah, and e-cigarettes, in a move that protects both kids and adults across the country from taking up a life-threatening nicotine habit.


Big news, You're the Cure Advocates!

This means big changes are coming!

  • Product manufacturers must now register with the FDA, provide ingredient lists, and obtain approval to market new tobacco products.
  • The rule stops the use of misleading terms such as “light”, “low”, or “mild,” bans free samples, and prohibits sales to anyone under 18, as well as most vending machines.
  • Packages and advertisements must include health warnings.

Thank you so much for your relentless work holding the Administration accountable to protect public health. Your actions have made a huge difference and we couldn’t be prouder!

Now let’s celebrate this victory together by sharing on Facebook and retweeting the good news! Also, check out AHA CEO Nancy Brown's opinion on her Huffington Post blog.


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