How You Can Get Involved

The secret's out.  We're calling on all young people to join the fight to become a tobacco-free generation.


Encourage a friend to join the You’re The Cure Network

Text 3 friends and tell them to sign up on to get involved with telling lawmakers that they care about tobacco control.


Post on Social Media

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Join youth from all corners of the world to reduce the demand for tobacco and hold big tobacco accountable as they seek to undermine global and national efforts to implement evidence-based tobacco control policies. Youth can break free from the tobacco industry’s manipulation by getting educated on their tactics and the harm they cause. Stand up to Big tobacco and spread the message among your friends.

Post on your Twitter or Instagram stories using #TobaccoExposed. Share a video on TikTok telling your story and sharing these facts about how Big Tobacco targets kids.

  • Tobacco use is responsible for 25% of all cancer deaths globally. Use of nicotine and tobacco products increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and lung disease. #TobaccoExposed
  • Nicotine in e-cigarettes is highly addictive and can damage young people’s developing brains. #TobaccoExposed
  • Smokeless doesn’t mean harmless. Tobacco products including e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and flavored products still hurt your body. #TobaccoExposed
  • Tobacco products kill more than 8 million people per year so Big Tobacco uses influencers, flavors, and ads to target young people and replace their customers. Don’t fall for it. #TobaccoExposed

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