What would you do with more time?

Recently I saw this video from the 2020 Chicago Heart Ball, and it really made an impression on me.

hero_image_alt_text===Man in front of a mountain
thumbnail_alt_text===Man in front of a mountain

Join me for a few minutes to watch what three of our volunteers have done when life unexpectedly gave them more time.  After just those few minutes, my mind jumped to being thankful for having more time... and what I would do with it.

My first thought was I wanted you, our dear advocate, to know how much we appreciate you are part of You're the Cure.  The difference you make every day... every phone call, visit with a lawmaker, hand-written letter that moves our public policy.  Thank you!

My next thought was, "What would other people do?" Like the volunteers in the video, if life suddenly gifted you with more time - what would you do with it?

Personally, with more time I would love to teach English as a second language to youth - it's been on my "to do" list a long time.  But beyond my passion, I wanted to know what my advocates would do.  I reached out to the You're the Cure network and posed the question... and I got some incredible replies! 

Kimberly from Atlanta, GA said "I would spend quality time with my loving husband, beautiful children, family, neighbors, friends, church family and visit local hospitals to share my heart journey - and encourage cardiac patients and their caregivers to maintain a positive outlook on life."

Ellen from Lawrenceville, GA said "I would continue to not only tell my story — but also shed light on heart disease since I am a multiple open heart surgery survivor. I would accomplish this task by broadening my outreach - engaging with schools, churches and local organizations.  Sharing my experience and life saving habits will allow more individuals to proactively learn the warning signs and risk factors. The awareness message will allow these individuals to have “more time."  If I can help someone along life way then my living will not be in vain."

Betsy from Southport, NC said "If I had more time and we weren’t in a pandemic – I would like to travel the world and spend more time with grandchildren.  Each day is precious."

Laura from Marietta, Georgia said "I had more time I would garden. I always start off strong when I plant it but then keeping up with the weeding, watering, loving on the plants, falls to the wayside!"

We know days can feel short, and at the end of the day when you are able to take time for you, it passes much too quickly.  Our hope is you know how much you are appreciated, and how much of a difference your advocacy makes.

If we had more time, we'd use it to thank you twice!

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