What should we do next?

A lot of us have been focused on the upcoming election day here in the United States.


What happens when the release of the official results comes in and our candidates either won or lost? What do we do now? Do we say hooray/boo?

To see change in your community we must work with elected officials. These elected officials might not have been the candidates of your choice, but those who your neighbors thought would represent them best.

When communities/neighborhoods elect officials, we want them to be a champion for us. All of us! They may know about many issues that affect their constituents and they may be experts in some areas. However, I can guarantee they are not experts in all areas, nor do they know about the issues that are important to you!

My suggestion is to take a moment and craft a personalized email to all your elected officials. Especially, the ones who just won their race.

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I have provided a sample email. Please feel free to copy, paste, and customize. This email is just to be a first step in opening a dialogue with your elected officials and to let them know you will be contacting them in the future. 


Dear [insert elected official’s name], 
I am a constituent of yours, as well as an American Heart Association (AHA) advocate.  I am writing to congratulate you on being elected to your office. I would like to let you know that I am looking forward to seeing how you represent us. As an advocate for AHA, there are several policies and issues that I would like to see moved forward in the start of the new year. I would like to see us progress on issues like [choose two issues that are important to you: State Elected Officials- Water Access in schools, Telecommunicator CPR, Including more funding for healthy fruits and vegetables in SNAP funding, Raising Tobacco Tax. Federal elected officials – Surprise Medical Bills, Nonprofit Relief, Universal Kids Meals]

Please let me know if you like any additional information about these issues.  I look forward to working together in the future.    

With heart, 
Your Full Name 

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