What's Next for Livable Streets in OKC?

Because of advocates and voters like you, the GO Bond passed in September giving the City the funding it needs to make our streets and sidewalks a safer place to be active. We want to make sure the money is spent in the best ways possible to improve the quality of life for all Oklahoma City residents.

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We’re asking the Planning Commission to vote on a resolution that will show the City's commitment to a Livable Streets policy. 

What's a Livable Streets policy? 

A Livable Streets policy makes sure streets are designed and maintained to enable safe and convenient travel for users, regardless of their mode of transportation, age, disability, or neighborhood. 

 Liveable Streets Infographic

The first reading of the resolution will be this week on November 9th. Then, on December 14th, the Oklahoma City Planning Commission will vote on a resolution which would signal the city’s intent to follow Livable Streets principles. 

What can you do?

Take 30 seconds to add your name to the Livable Streets petition to show your support for this policy! 

In addition, be sure to follow along with our email updates! As the December vote gets closer, we will be keeping a close eye on the resolution and will continue to let you know how you can get involved!

We're excited about the future of OKC and what this policy would do to keep us moving forward, and I hope you are too.

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