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What is Your Why?

You’re The Cure advocates reflect on Why they seek policy change.

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Each year the American Heart Association invests in a robust advocacy agenda, from increasing opportunities for physically active lifestyles to establishing strong Acute Heart and Stroke Systems of Care.  For every policy change goal, there is a reason ‘why’ they are important, based in science and strong evidence that they will make an impact in saving lives.  It’s worthwhile for all of us to take a moment and remind ourselves of our reasons ‘why’ we advocate to create healthier communities and better access to high quality, timely treatment for heart and stroke patients in NH.  My father passed away too soon from heart disease that was largely preventable, and I want my daughter to have a longer life and healthier future.  I believe it’s important we all take some time to reflect on our motivation for asking for policy change and how we can best share our ‘why’ with legislators and community decision-makers as we move into our upcoming legislative session this January. 

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