What Would Your Wish Be?


Last Friday, a five year old named Miles, captured the attention and the hearts of the country. Miles was granted a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation and he wanted to be Batman for the day. So San Francisco turned into Gotham. He captured the Riddler and stopped a bank heist, he saved a damsel in distress, he had the Penguin arrested and saved Lou the Giants Mascot, it was all in a days work for BatKid!  But what was so amazing and inspiring about Miles and his wish was the thousands of people who came together to help make it a reality, people lined the streets to cheer him on, people watched the live stream from across the country and it was the only thing people were talking about on social media. It was amazing. If you haven't had a chance watch the video I would recommend it! You will see how a wish made from a 5 year warmed the hearts of a nation and reminded us that we all would be a superhero for a day!

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