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What to do when 911 Goes Down?


New York City reportedly escaped unscathed last month when our 30-year-old 911 system went down for about 2 hours. Subject to much scrutiny, the city's emergency system went silent causing responders to use a back-up system that relied on pen, paper and extra staff. All reports seem to indicate that of the several hundred calls received by 911 during that time, none were life-threatening and any delays were deemed 'minor.' While technology must serve as the backbone to our emergency response plan, we should congratulate the city for having a back-up plan in place. But what if an emergency had been life-threatening? What if someone you knew collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest - when every minute matters? A delay in response would not have seemed so minor then. This is one of a million reasons why we should implement the CPR in Schools policy! It's not enough to just call 911. All of us need to know what to do to keep a victim alive until the ambulance arrives. Our students must be prepared to be life-savers!

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