What the Affordable Care Act means for You


The health care law aims to make health coverage more affordable and accessible for individuals and families. In North Carolina, some changes have already taken place. Others will be phased in from now through 2014. This year our state lawmakers will be making decisions that impact how North Carolina implements healthcare reform in our state.  You can always visit the NC Department of Insurance website to learn more about health insurance in our state:  www.ncdoi.com.  Health Insurance SMART NC (www.ncdoi.com/smart) is a service to help you understand your health insurance options. 

You can also learn more about how the healthcare law impacts you by visiting: http://www.healthcareandyou.org/state/north-carolina/.  The Health Care and You Coalition is made up of some of our country’s leading organizations, including the American Heart Association, that represent consumers, patients, physicians, nurses, hospitals and pharmacists. The goal of the coalition is to provide the public with easy-to-understand information about the health care law. HealthCareandYou.org is a place where individuals, families, small business owners and health care professionals can turn for help in understanding the law and how it impacts them.

You’re the Cure advocate, Dr. Bob Blackburn recently submitted a video about how healthcare reform has impacts him and you can view it here: http://www.healthcareandyou.org/state/north-carolina/.   Take a moment today to watch Bob’s message and then spend a little time learning more about the affordable care act. 


As our state moves to implement the affordable care act and resources are developed to help you, we will keep you informed.  So keep reading the pulse.  And to learn more about volunteer opportunities like the one that Bob took advantage of please contact, Betsy Vetter, [email protected]

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