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This message is from Trey, age 7. He goes to an elementary school in Milwaukie, OR. You can see him in this video speaking out for safe streets For Every Kid!

“I need a safe way to walk and ride my bike to school. Walking to school is fun and it’s good for me. I want to walk and bike, but I can’t.

Here’s what my walk to school looks like: 

You can help make safe routes for me and my brother and all kids so that we can stay healthy every day. Thank you.

Trey Niggeman, Age 7 (almost 8!)
You can help by taking a picture like Trey did!

It’s simple: If neighborhoods aren’t safe, kids are missing out on more than just fun—they’re missing out on the physical activity they need to be healthy. And there’s no better place to start making improvements than around our local schools. That’s why the #ForEveryKid campaign is asking Metro Councilors to make sure every kid has a safe route to walk, bike, or access transit to school.
Now let’s show them what we’re talking about: Share the best and worst of your neighborhood on social media for the next 10 days to highlight your safety needs.
Step 1: Take pictures of the best and/or worst in your neighborhood—walking your dog, on your trip to school, biking to the park, waiting for the bus, etc. Show your safest places and your least safe places.
Step 2: Post the photos on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. You can post them on your personal accounts (just make sure the privacy is public so we can see them). Or post them on ours at www.facebook.com/foreverykid or https://twitter.com/ourhealthysts. Tag the photos #foreverykid.
Step 3: Give yourself a high five! Your actions will help make safe routes to school for every kid.

We’ll show decision makers your experience trying to walk, bike or access transit to school by sharing your photos. You have the power to make Safe Routes to School a priority in upcoming funding decisions.  Every kid deserves a chance at a healthy future. Help us show Metro Councilors what it is really like out there. Show us your best and worst!
Post your pictures and help us reach 150,000 kids with Safe Routes to School programs at every school district in the Metro-area.  
Thank you!

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