What's On Tap for SC Session


Happy New Year!  The new state General Assembly session (beginning January 14) promises to be an important one for SC citizens.  With a number of key issues expected on the docket, You’re the Cure advocates will have opportunities to help drive significant advances critical to preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 

Here’s a quick look at several policy areas already on tap:

  • CPR Training in High Schools – Support the establishment of quality school based programs that will require hands-on CPR training and AED awareness in high school as part of the required health education curriculum.  The program should be evidence-based and nationally recognized.

Take action NOW to urge support for CPR training in high schools. 

  • Tobacco Control – Establish, strengthen, and protect smoke-free air laws at the local level and prevent any laws that will usurp local control pre-empting current and future comprehensive smoke-free ordinances.  Also, support tobacco control prevention and cessation programs by establishing and protecting sustainable funding at levels that meet or exceed CDC recommendations.

We also anticipate securing public funding for heart disease and stroke and prevention.  As always, new issues could emerge that we will engage in or follow, and we’ll keep you posted about those we need your voice on.

Want to learn more?  A short informational call is scheduled for Friday, January 31, 2014 from 11:00am to 11:30am to discuss what’s unfolding for your state session.

Click here to register.     

Call-in information will be provided to those registered before the call. 

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