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What is your why?


Guest blogger: Lindsay Hovind, Washington Government Relations Director

LIFE is why. The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association just launched its new positioning focused on an emotional brand message and a concise answer to the question of why we do what we do: We believe everyone deserves to live a healthier, longer life. Why? Life. Life is why.

Each of us has our own “why” for why we work to help the American Heart Association achieve its goals. For one survivor, it’s the chance to see her daughter on her wedding day. For one of my colleagues it’s the chance to live a life full of travel and adventure. For me…healthier communities is why…seeing every family in every community have safe places to exercise and play, and access to healthy, delicious food. We each have our own “why” that moves us to contribute time and energy to AHA’s mission – some through advocacy, some through medical research, some through sharing stories of triumph or loss.

What’s your “why?” We’re lucky to live in a wonderful state like Washington and each of you is helping our neighbors to live healthier lives. Why do you do it? We’d love to hear from you. Email us your “why.”

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