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Guest Blogger: Nicole Olmstead, Government Relations Director

Heart disease and stroke affect almost everyone in one way or another.  One of the reasons I personally am so passionate about the work that I do with the American Heart Association is because my 8 year old son William has congenital heart disease.  The defects that he has with his heart are some of the ones that are caught through pulse ox screening in newborns, something the AHA advocates for as part of the standard newborn screening process. 

Another inspiration to me every day is Jane Powers, an advocacy volunteer who is still alive today because someone knew CPR and saved her life when she went into cardiac arrest.  Jane shares her story freely to all who will listen and is taking steps to get people CPR trained by hosting trainings on her birthday each year instead of having a traditional birthday party. 

I’m also grateful that in Arizona we have a dedicated set of physicians that are committed to creating a statewide stroke system that ensures stroke patients receive the best care possible. 

So what’s your story?  How has heart disease or stroke affected you in your life?  Share your story with the American Heart Association and let us know why you are passionate about fighting the leading cause of death in the United States.   

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