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What If You Couldn't Reach Your Grocer?


How close is your grocer?

For some of us the answer may be a 5 minute drive or a quick walk up the block.  But for 1.7 million Virginians (including 480,000 children), grocery stores and supermarkets are out of reach.  Too many Virginians live in low income communities with limited or no access to healthy and affordable foods found at supermarkets.  We need your help to get all Virginians closer to their grocer.  

Access to nutritious food is unevenly distributed in Virginia: In urban and rural areas of all sizes, from Richmond, to Lynchburg, through Martinsville and large swaths of southern and southwestern Virginia, residents must travel excessive distances to purchase the foods necessary to maintain a healthy diet.

Learn more: Read about the Closer to My Grocer Campaign here.  #CloserToMyGrocer

Healthy Food Financing will bring healthy foods to Virginia communities that need them most. Through grants and loans, healthy food financing will allow grocery stores to open in communities across Virginia, bringing everyone Closer to Your Grocer.

Support the #ClosertoMyGrocer Campaign and ask the Governor and your Legislators to add ‘Healthy Food Financing’ to the state budget. Together we can create jobs, spur economic revitalization, and increase health in Virginia communities through Healthy Food Financing.

For more information visit or email [email protected].  

Your voice is needed.  “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”  ~Betty Reese

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