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What Are You Thankful For?


At this time of Thanksgiving, we at the American Heart Association want to share how thankful we are to you our volunteers.  Without your calls, letters, emails and personal visits to our legislators we would not be able to accomplish our goals and save lives from heart disease and stroke.  Here are some of the things our volunteers are thankful for:

“I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a voice for those folks who cannot speak.  I am so thankful to be able to work with the dedicated Heart staff, our own Betsy, and Heart volunteers to achieve the goals of the American Heart & Stroke Association.” – Neil Dorsey, Volunteer

“This year I am thankful for the health of my family - particularly my son - and for the medical team who, along with God's grace, has brought healing and stability into his life.” –Joye Mullis, Volunteer

“This year as I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I give thanks to God for all the opportunities he has brought to my life to make a difference from my wonderful family and children, to my job at the AHA and the most incredible advocates anywhere, to the policies we have promoted together like smoke-free restaurants and bars and CPR for high school graduation. I am so thankful.”  -Betsy Vetter, Government Relations Director

“I am thankful this year for the loving support of friends and family and for the opportunity to help save lives by working on issues such as pulse ox screening for newborns.  I look forward to seeing what blessings are placed upon me over the coming year.” – Kacie Kennedy, Health Strategies Coordinator

What are you thankful for?  Please take a few moments to tell us your story on our You’re the Cure website.  May you have much to be thankful for this year.

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