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What's Up Doc? Fresh Produce Coming Your Way, San Antonio!



The San Antonio City Council recently made some important changes to the city’s zoning codes that will make it easier to grow, buy, and sell fresh foods throughout San Antonio. 

These changes include efforts to increase urban farms and cottage food sales (selling small amounts of homemade/home grown products from your residence).

The City Council maintained the right for residential market gardens, allowed urban farms to be developed throughout in the city with the use of a permit, and clarified rules around cottage food sales. 

In addition, this effort helped create an important dialogue with the City Council around food access issues.  One benefit of more urban farms is that they help convert vacant lots or unused land into centers of fresh fruits and vegetables in your neighborhood!  

This is great news for food growers and consumers looking for easier ways to eat fresh and healthy. These changes were submitted and championed by the Food Policy Council of San Antonio, which works to make  healthy, fresh, and affordable food accessible to everyone.

The American Heart Association strongly supports healthy food access, including grocery store access, healthy corner stores, and efforts like these.  We applaud the San Antonio City Council for their support of these efforts and encourage them to continue addressing food access issues in San Antonio.

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