West Virginia passes water bottle filling stations law for schools!

As West Virginia legislative session winds down, we are excited to announce a big win for the health of youth in WV! This year we were able to get a bill passed that requires new building or major renovations of a school to include water filling stations. When signed by the Governor into law, this bill will help provide youth better access to clean drinking water throughout their school day - an important factor in overall youth health. 


This policy focuses on the importance of increased water consumption to benefit the health and safety of students in West Virginia. While we regularly rank among the highest rates of unhealthy weight for youth in the nation, it is imperative that we create as much access to clean, fresh water as possible. Drinking water helps young muscles, joints, tissues, it improves their digestive systems, reduces the amount of sugary beverage intake that causes excess weight gain, and can positively impact their cognitive performance. Additionally, as research has found water fountains to be one of the germiest items in a school, it reduces their risk of exposure to germs from traditional water fountains.

Senator Amy Grady and the Senate Education Committee led the introduction and movement of this bill, but it received support across the statehouse! As it heads to the Governor’s desk for its final signature, please help us thank the legislators that stood up for our priority legislation and voted to support this great policy.

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