West Virginia celebrates Advocacy Days!

February 1-4, West Virginia held Advocacy Days. During this time, advocates lifted up their voices through various advocacy efforts to talk about what we need to do to see a West Virginia with longer, healthier lives.


Advocates met with legislators, wrote letters to the editor and shared their stories of why they fight for issues like ensuring self-measured blood pressure programs are available for all West Virginians. We also had a Go Red event in the rotunda of the State Capitol where people could submit names of loved ones who had been impacted by heart and brain health issues.

Programs like Advocacy Days are critical to having legislators hear directly from the people who are impacted by the heart health policies they vote on and could determine the health of West Virginians across the state.
Thank you to everyone who participated and give their all to tell lawmakers and the community how heart health policies impact you and those you care about.

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